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‘Handshake’ has brought integration in the country, Says Samboja

The  Taita Taveta Governor, Granton  Samboja has praised the ‘handshake’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition  Chief, Raila Odinga, saying it has brought integration in the country.

Samboja observed that the business community has benefited a lot from the handshake as traders are traversing different parts of the country conducting their business without fear.

Speaking at Muthithi area of Murang’a County when he attended the burial of a son of a prominent businessman in Taita, Samboja  said every Kenyan should feel free to do business or work in any part of the country.

After past general elections, the Governor noted that the country was divided and people working away from their home counties were scared to operate their business.

“The fruits of the handshake can be witnessed today as every Kenyan is free and comfortable to travel to any part of the country and may do investments,” he added.

Some major business people in this county, Samboja said are from outside the region and the Taita Taveta community has welcomed them to invest in the county.

He lauded Joe Ngugi whose son was involved in an accident, for investing immensely in different parts of Taita Taveta County.

The  governor dismissed those who are against the handshake terming them as enemies of development and national integration.

“Through the handshake, the President is in a better position to fight corruption which has been witnessed in various

departments and agencies of the government. Every leader should embrace the unity portrayed by the President and the opposition leader,” added Samboja  who  was accompanied by members of Taita Taveta County Assembly.

Agencies  entrusted to fight graft, the governor noted, should begiven time to complete investigations and prosecute those implicated in the vice.

“I  totally  support  the Director of Criminal Investigations  and  the  office  of  Director of Public Prosecution in the fight  against  corruption. The  two  offices  should be left to do their work without political or any other interference,” he  added.

Other  leaders present included; Murang’a Women Representative, Sabina Chege, her  Taita Taveta counterpart, Lydia Laika and Kigumo MP, Ruth Mwaniki.

Chege  on  her part lauded young people who are venturing into income generating enterprises.

She said  youth should embark in business as employment opportunities are scarce.

“Our  youth should think of business ideas and seek government funds to start income generating projects instead of waiting for employment opportunities which are not forthcoming,” she added.

She lauded TaitaTaveta County government for accommodating local investors and exhibiting cooperation and unity with communities from outside the county.

By  Bernard  Munyao

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