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Akorino Association laments over helmets

An association of the Akorino sect in Mbeere South Sub-county has urged Cabinet Secretary in charge of internal security, Dr. Fred Matiang’i to consider their plight over wearing of helmets.

Mbeere South Akorino Association Chairman, Bishop Patrick Munyi, said it was against their doctrine to wear a helmet or something else on top of their turbans.

“It is against our faith to wear something over the turbans and we urge the CS to look into our case,” Bishop Munyi pointed out.

He added that the association was advocating for implementation of Michuki rules to the letter as an effort to bring down the number of accidents which have been happening in the country.

Bishop Munyi appreciated the handshake between President Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga, saying it had brought peace in the country which is essential for economic development.

“We believe the handshake is an answer from God for prayers we held on March 19,2018 for peace when the country was politically unstable,” he observed.

The Bishop who was presiding over a thanksgiving service for prevailing peace in the country said the hand shake should be embraced by all to ensure that peace prevails.

“Recently we saw the President and his Deputy visiting Kisumu and other areas which are deemed to be opposition strong holds and opposition leaders visiting central region, Jubilee strong hold which was made possible by the handshake,” he noted.

Mugo Manasse who is the secretary of the association appreciated area MP, John King’ang’i for including Akorino in his KG-CDF committee.

Mugo urged the government and institutions to be considering the Akorino in employment and for internships.

He also urged the MP to set aside a land for establishment of a school which will be sponsored by the Akorino.

By Kimani Tirus

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