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Archbishop Sapit ask the government to open churches

Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit has appealed to the government to allow the churches to reopen with a condition of operating on the regulations put by the Ministry of health.
Sapit said the church needs to engage the government so that the congregants just like the restaurants could be allowed to worship outside the church building, while observing all the laid down measures.
“We however do not want to push the government and later the churches named as the epicenter of the spread of Covid-19 or the church be named as super spreader of the disease, said Ole Sapit.
The Archbishop said as a church they have developed systems to help the less fortunate congregants using the meagre resources that they have.
Sapit who spoke Thursday at St. Luke ACK Church in Narok County also asked the emergency and response committee spearheading the fight against Covid-19 to be transparent and give proper accountability on the resources put in their hands by well-wishers, who have given money to combat the disease.
“I do not have factual information on whether the money given to combat Covid-19 has been spent wisely or not, but what I plead with those concerned is to ensure every coin given is properly accounted for,” said Sapit.
He asked both the County and National government to give regular accountability on how the funds entrusted to them are being utilized.
“They should be ready to be engaged on a regular basis to explain to the people how such funds are being used so as to create mutual trust,” said Ole Sapit.
The Church leader urged the government to enhance border surveillance at the neighboring counties and decentralize testing to avoid the present traffic buildup along the borders.
On the children welfare, Bishop Sapit called on parents to ensure they look after their children and those in their neighborhood to ensure they were safe.
“The extension of closure has now been made clear by the Minister for Education. During this time we call on the children caretakers to ensure the children were safe,” said Ole Sapit.
By Ann Salaton

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