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Business in Bomet hit hard due to curfew

With the compliance of curfew order within the 13 counties declared as hotspot zones adjusted to 7 pm to curb the spread of Covid 19, the business within Bomet County has adversely felt the impact.

A spot by KNA has established that businesses within the county are closed down before 7 pm leaving vendors and businesses in a hard situation to hit their sales targets.

Caroline Njeri, a fruit vendor stated that she has been incurring losses due to inadequate time to sell her produce.

“The adjustment of curfew time within the county has adversely affected my business, we close our businesses earlier and perhaps we have not exhausted selling them. Some goods are perishable hence cannot stay for a longer period,” she added.

Ms Alice Kabunga, a hotel operator also noted that the hospitality industry has been affected too.

According to Kabunga, the hotel industry hits the climax in the late evening, she also noted a lot of meals have been going to waste hence making losses.

“I am always adhering to the measures introduced by the government through the Ministry of Health to ensure no more spread of the deadly virus. However, it’s our wish that the curfew time is extended to the previous time of 10 pm to 4 am since the rate of Covid-19 infection has drastically reduced in the last few days,” pleaded Kabunga.

“It will be hard for me to pay my employees or even rent since we hardly exhaust foods that we cook due to the implementation of curfew order,” lamented Ms. Kabunga.

By Nathan Kipkoech 

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