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Assembly calls for investigation over land fraud

The  Members of Embu County Assembly have called for investigative agencies to institute investigations over illegal allocation of a public land to individuals in Mbeere South.

The  Assembly wants the Ethic and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to conduct inquiry on Makawani Vocational Training Centre land which has been illegally allocated to individuals by a prominent politician from Mbeere South.

While  adopting the report of committee on land, physical planning and urban development on the status of the piece of land, the MCAs said the 20 acre public land was intended for the Makawani VCT but the area MP Geoffrey Kingangi allocated 10 acres to individuals he purported to be squatters.

While proposing an amendment to the report’s recommendation to include investigation and prosecution of the culprits, Harrison Mwaluko MCA Mwea ward said the illegal subdivision and allocation of public land to individuals amounted to impunity and those culpable must be brought to book.

Margaret Lorna Kariuki, a nominated MCA observed that the action of a leader illegally allocating a public land to his cronies is an abuse of public trust.

Her counterpart, Edna Muisio on her part said the condition of the institution is pathetic with a lot of littering and shanties behind girls’ dormitories noting it was dangerous for learners who have been left without playing ground.

The  Makima  ward MCA, Philip Nzangi observed that the vision bearer of the institution had in mind the local residents to equip them with technical skills for self employment and looting of the land was killing the vision.

The committee’s report on the status of the land showed that the Makawani VCT land was a private land owned by two individuals and was bought by former MP, Mutava Musyimi  through Gachoka CDF for establishment of the VCT.

However, the land was subdivided by the sitting Member of Parliament, claiming he was settling landless and squatters from the region hence affecting the normal learning of the institute.

The committee chaired by John Gichovi, MCA Nginda ward had recommended the county executive for land to ensure that the individuals who have encroached on the land vacate the premises within 30 days.

The  MCAs have also called on the executive to seek orders from the court to stop issuance of the title deeds for the land within 7 days of adoption of the report pending transfers and registration, which they further recommended the land be properly transferred to the institution and a report of the same be tabled to the assembly within 60 days.

The assembly has also called on the county administration to ensure that there is a database for all the county public land and ensure there is controlled development.

By  Kimani  Tirus

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