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Authorities warn residents selling land for fake jobs abroad

Concern has been raised over a number of residents of Nandi County selling their family land for money to secure lucrative jobs abroad.

Nandi County Commissioner Herman Shambi stated that he has received a lot of complaints especially from widowed parents who noted that children are forcing them to sell land to raise air tickets to travel to Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia among other Countries for greener pastures.

Speaking in his office, Shambi pointed out that it was unfortunate that people could sell land for unassured or non-existent opportunities being offered by the pay agencies. “Majority of youths are conning parents for opportunities that are nonexistent. Let us stop this behavior before it’s too late,” he said

He said the fake employment agents are targeting unsuspecting job seekers across the County and Kenya at large and has left many of its victims and their families financially crippled.

“Locals should stop selling family land for fake jobs. Many have been conned and as a government we have started investigation to find out who runs these syndicates,” he said

The agitated County Commissioner stated that majority of youths who don’t want to work hard and earn a decent living opt for short-cuts thus ending up suffering in countries abroad in the name of looking for a better pay.

Shambi stated that it’s time elected leaders work with the National Government to ensure all idle youths in the villages are enrolled for Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Institutions to better their lives.

“For us to bring forth a better society with visionary leaders, let us bring together all the youths idling in the village drinking alcohol and enrolled them in TVET Institutions within the county so that they can gain meaningful skills to enable them earn a decent living,” he said.

By Linet Wafula

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