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Banks to only guarantee loans to construction sites that adhere to safety measures

Local banks have embraced occupational safety measures and they have made it one of the conditions to be adhered to by contractors before they are guaranteed loans.

Nakuru County Director for Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSH), Mr Simba Ondimu, said the banks have taken the safety of construction sites as a major requirement for contractors and private developers before offering loans.

Speaking during a press conference at his office, Ondimu said participants in the construction industry have not only taken the cue of DOSH’s safety measures, but also have taken a step further by demanding a Certificate of Registration of a Building or a Construction site from the county DOSH offices.

He noted that their safety awareness efforts have started bearing fruits, because developers have realised that construction site safety procedures, decrease the risk of injuries to the public, and it also reduces the risk of work-related injuries and accidents.

In addition, he said before they issue the Certificate of Registration of a construction site to the contractors, they ensure that all the workers are provided with personal protective equipment such as vis vests, safety goggles, and helmets.

Moreover, he said it wasn’t only banks that have started demanding safety certificates from DOSH, but insurance companies cannot pay for worker injuries unless the industry or manufacturing plant has complied with all their safety measures.

He said when organisations put their employees first and implement proper safety training, and enforce it, several positive results happen, such as increased worker productivity, corporate reputation, and service or quality improves.

However, he said the Dosh department mainly deals with the safety of workers at construction sites, and they are extremely concerned with the increased number of buildings that have been collapsing and killing them or causing lifelong injuries.

He added that no worker would lose their life at any construction site as long as, all safety measures were adhered to.

By Veronica Bosibori

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