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Be cautious about religion, priest cautions

Father Emmanuel Bungei of St Joseph Kapyemit Catholic Church has called on Christians to evaluate their faith critically to guard against false teachings.

Giving the Sunday homily, Fr Bungei said Christians should take individual interest in reading and understanding the Word of God through the bible study saying this will enable them discern the teachings of the holy spirit.

The priest however said cases of false preachers have always been there citing the story of Simon the sorcerer in the book of Acts chapter 8 who practiced sorcery making people believe that he was performing miracles inspired by God.

“This man went ahead to even offer money to the apostles to give him the ability to do great works so that whoever he lays his hands on can receive the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Fr Bungei called on Christians to shun any pastor who asks them for money so that they can receive God’s blessings saying God cannot be bribed.

He said when Christians give offerings to God, they do so as a way of thanksgiving but not to buy blessings.

Fr Bungei added that the Holy Spirit, which witnesses the works of God the Father and the Son, has Christ and not an individual as the centre of faith.

He said that the Holy Spirit does not destroy life but instead nurtures it saying people should not be told to kill themselves in the name of God adding God as the giver of life is the only one who has the power to take it

The priest said the Holy Spirit does not bring sorrow but instead brings happiness to the family of Christians as they pray together.

He therefore called on Christians to be wary of false preachers in the wake of what is happening in the church today saying they should not follow people blindly but instead apply reason.

“If today I tell you that we will not wash the church but instead we will lick it clean, don’t just do it because I have said but think and see if what I am saying makes sense,” he said.

By Alice Wanjiru

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