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Bomet man pleads for help after 25 years of inventions

A man in Kipyosit, Bomet East is appealing for support from both the National and  County governments to help him nature his skills and innovations in the Juakali sector.

Mr Simion Chelogoi is not only a man with considerable ingenuity but also does his works passionately and patiently and has done myriad jua kali inventions.

After 25 years of his tiresome works, Mr Chelogoi has been able to come up with different machines. Among them is the grinding machine which he uses to grind scrap metals.

Some of Mr. Simion Chelogoi’s equipment at his home.  Photo by Nathan Kipkoech

“I started this work in 1995. I used to collect scrap metals from local residents that gave me an idea that I could come up with something that helps me grind them,” stated Mr Chelogoi.

The residents have been able to sharpen their farm tools from Mr Chelogoi workshop by the use of a grinder; a situation that has helped him put food on his table.

“Most of my daily income comes from the residents of this place. They bring their knives, jembes and axes for sharpening,” added Mr Chelogoi.

Mr Chelogoi also saw an opportunity in the field of carpentry. This motivated him to make a wood rolling machine that is used by the carpenters within the area to smoothen and roll their woods before using them.

“I realized that carpenters had a difficulty in rolling and smoothening their woods. I thought of coming up with the rolling machine to help them roll and smoothen them,” he stated.

Other inventions includes the locally made posho-mill, water pumping machine that pumps water from 40 feet deep and  he is currently working on a farm planter.

Mr Chelogoi also said that he has participated in various exhibitions. Among them the national Juakali exhibition in Nairobi and East Africa Juakali exhibition in Eldoret, done in 2014 and 2018 respectively.

“We have had exhibitions done in Nairobi and Eldoret. That was for the national and East Africa Juakali exhibition”, said Chelogoi.

Having attended and participated in both exhibitions, there is no assistance I have received except for accommodation, food and transportation during the exhibitions,” lamented Mr Chelogoi.

He has, however, called upon the concerned authorities to consider helping him further his inventions and ambitions by providing him the needed materials and space to work from.

By Nathan Kipkoech


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