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Catholic faithful begin their Lenten season

Christians have been called to pray for the country so that peace can prevail before, during, and after the election period.

Joseph Mbatia, who is the Catholic Bishop in Nyahururu Diocese, urged Christians during the Ash Wednesday where Catholic faithful in the town had gathered for Ash Wednesday mass.

Ash Wednesday ushers in the 40 days of Lent in the Catholic Church calendar which ends during the Easter holiday.

Bishop (emeritus) Louis Paiarro who is the predecessor to Bishop Joseph Mbatia urged the faithful to use the season to reconcile with all they had wronged.

“I urge each of you to take time to pray for the country during this Lenten season, and use this time to reconcile with your family members and neighbors,” he said.

Christians were further urged to be ambassadors of peace even after the Lenten season as this should happen every day of their life.

The Bishop further urged people who have been staging armed raids in Laikipia County to be contented with what they have saying the attacks are driven by the urge to own more domestic animals.

He regretted that the raiders staged an attack at Karandi in Gituamba location on Tuesday night where they stole animals.

“Let us pray for the attackers to be contented with what they have instead of stealing in order to get more,” Bishop Mbatia said.

By Gathoni Nyambura and Maryanne Nyambura

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