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Census personnel cautioned on seriousness of oath of office

Content  supervisors  who will conduct this year’s population and housing census in Tharaka Nithi County have been cautioned on the seriousness of the oath of office administered to them ahead of the exercise.

The  Chuka Chief  Magistrate (CM), John  Njoroge  who  was speaking  shortly before administering the oath to content  supervisors at Chuka University  on Friday said by taking the oath the personnel have sealed their responsibility to be in the national government during the census period.

“Anyone who takes this oath and discloses information or posts pictures on social media to unauthorized personnel during or after the event will be charged according to the law. The information is confidential and you can only disseminate it to authorized persons,” stressed the CM.

Speaking  during the event, the  Meru South Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Albanus  Ndiso  also asked the census personnel to get data right, to ensure they give credible information devoid of exaggeration or inaccurate numbers.

“The exercise has to adhere to internationally recognized guidelines which advocate for the values of professionalism, transparency, accountability and integrity on statistical systems in maintaining credibility and public confidence,” the DCC emphasized.

Ndiso noted that the census will enable the national government to plan well for the population and housing in every county and hence the need to build a good rapport with the public to get correct information.

“Some people don’t like disclosing anything about their family and they might end up giving you misleading information. Having taken you through the training, we expect everyone to know when someone is not giving the correct details so that we can avoid misleading data,” the DCC concluded.

By  Kenneth  Marangu

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