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Cessation of movement in Old Town Mombasa effected

Cessation of Movement in Old Town Mombasa commenced on Wednesday night as directed by the National Covid-19 Emergency Committee.

The  County Commissioner (CC), Gilbert  Kitiyo confirming the directive, said the government arrived at the hard decision after 7 Covid-19 deaths and 55 infections were reported in the Old Town area.

“Due to the high number of coronavirus cases in the area the government was compelled to act in order to contain any further spread of disease,” said Kitiyo

The  CC  said the cessation of movement in Old Town was not punishment but part of concerted efforts to curb the global pandemic.

He  urged locals to remain calm as fight against the disease continues so as to save lives.

He  warned those still doubting the existence of Covid-19 to stop and watch news around the world about the huge number of people infected so far and the alarming number of deaths.

The  cessation, effective 7.00pm last evening restricted movement of people in and out of Old Town for 15 days as the government monitors the impact of the disease, even as control measures were being effected.

Kitiyo said only emergency cases will be allowed in and out of the town area as eateries and open air markets remain closed.

Only retail shops, mini markets and water vendors will be allowed to operate during the cessation period.

“We call on the locals to remain calm and corporate with the government and health officials in the mass testing for Covid-19, where the government will cater for quarantine bills for those who test positive,” observed the CC.

He noted that the night curfew from 7pm to 5am still remained in force and also the cessation of inter-county movement within the three coastal counties of Mombasa, Kwale and Kilifi.

By  Joseph Kamolo

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