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Chiefs directed to utilize nyumba kumi approach to eradicate FGM

Tana River County Commissioner Mr. Thomas Sankei has directed chiefs to use the Nyumba Kumi initiative to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

“When it comes to the violation of girls’ rights there is no negotiations the law will take its course. I want to ask our chiefs, elders and religious to educate the community on FGM,” said Sankei during the marking of the International Day of zero tolerance for FGM in Kalkacha.

“What you chiefs and elders will do henceforth is to collect the data of the girls in the villages. The Nyumba Kumi initiative will be effective to curb FGM. Each village should protect their girls,’’ said the County Commissioner.

The County Commissioner implored men to be at the forefront in eradicating the vice in line with this year’s theme: partnering with men and boys to end and transform social norms.

Men, he said, should be vigilant they should know the whereabouts of their daughters. “Women you have been accused of perpetrating FGM by taking young girls to hard-to-reach areas to undergo the cut,” he said.

“Don’t be deceived that the girls have gone to visit their aunt, let’s look out for them. There is something very beautiful about our girls, educate them and you won’t regret it in the future, especially fathers our girls like us, why are we not protecting them from FGM,’’ stated the County Commissioner.

The County Commissioner revealed that he has not spared any effort to eliminate FGM in the Tana River which is practiced by the Orma, Wardei, Munyoyaya, Wata, and Malakote communities.

He said, “There is no meeting we hold with chiefs in which we do not talk about FGM. But I want to ask my fellow men, we are the custodians of our homes, why is FGM going on up to now?”

The elders assured the County Commissioner that they will be responsible to eradicate FGM by enlightening the community to shun harmful cultural practices.

CECM for Education Abass Kunyo said FGM is an injustice against girls and has no benefits to the community.

“It brings harm to the one who is subjected to it. The child who has been subjected to FGM cannot concentrate in class as a result of the pain she underwent.  Let’s give children peace so they can study and excel,’’ said Kunyo.

By Sadik Hassan

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