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Children in Orphanages mark Day of the Africa Child with smile

Over  200 children from various orphanages in Bondo Sub County marked this year’s day of the African Child with smile on their faces after receiving donation of food stuff from Bondo COVID19 response team.

The  children from the four orphanages of Nyangoma, Grace, Carry the light and Foundation Stone had a reason to smile after receiving bags of rice, maize, beans and cooking oil as they celebrated the Day of the African Child amidst the corona virus epidemic.

Bondo Covid 19 response team Chair who is also the area Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Tom Macheneri said they targeted the children’s home because of the vulnerable children and the increasing difficulty the homes have been going through to get food for the children since COVID19 has affected donor funding.

Macheneri disclosed that as a committee they saw the need of sending support to the children homes to mark the Day of the African Child with the vulnerable children.

The  Bondo Children Officer, Alan Onguka said that unlike other years when the day was marked with pomp and color, this year the celebrations have been muted because of the corona epidemic.

Onguka however, stated that the important day in the life of African child would still be marked by supporting the needs of vulnerable children and ensuring they can safely access justice.

He on that note revealed that in order to protect children who have court cases from contracting corona virus, the children department has adopted a process called diversion to ensure that all cases involving children find a solution instead of going to court.

As court users’ committee we resolved that we need to protect our children from exposure to corona virus by employing diversion so that we can find amicable solutions outside court and only those cases that must go to court will proceed.

He further disclosed that in line with this year’s theme of Day of African Child celebration of safe access to justice for children they have set up separate rooms in police cells at Bondo police station to avoid children mixing with adults.

The children’s officer also warned against rising cases of child abuse by parents and guardians, saying such parents will face the law.

“We know that most parents are frustrated because of the corona pandemic but that should not be an excuse to express your frustration on the children. We are already following up in a few cases of child abuse by parents for possible justice for the abused children,” said Onguka.

By  Brian Ondeng’

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