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Chuka MP launches road projects

Chuka Igamba Ng’ombe Member of Parliament (MP) Patrick Munene on Saturday presided over the launch of construction of KK road in Ndagani to ease transportation in the area.

The project is set to be completed in September 2023 and the road will connect Ndagani and Kaanwa areas.

Speaking during the launch, the MP said the government has provided enough funds to complete the road within the stipulated time.

“This project will be included in the government budget even in the next financial year making it a continuing project,” he said.

Munene expressed optimism that the road will create employment opportunities for the youth adding that when completed it will enable residents have easier access to markets.

The MP further assured the people that the government will ensure the development of the constituency through improving business operations hence transforming the locality into a better place.

He revealed some of the roads that will be under construction during his tenure include Kibugua-Itugururu road, Chuka-Kaanwa-Kathwana road and Ndagani feeder roads.

The President has restored the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), he noted and added that the funds will be disbursed within the next two to three weeks to allow for allocation of bursaries.

“The CDF money will be distributed in the next two to three weeks and we will ensure there is equal disbursement of the fund in the constituency,” he said.

At the same time, the MP disclosed that the KK Ndagani water project is set to be completed in February and will be handed over by the contractors ready for use.

He further said phase two of the project will ensure water is connected to residents for domestic use and irrigation activities adding that they intend to scrap off water payment and water meter connection.

Meanwhile, the MP reminded residents to register for fertilizers distribution at their nearest chiefs’ camp and requested the elderly to register for the cash transfer program to receive the funds.

By Markjames Mwai and Beatrice Mwende

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