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Health benefits of consuming white meat

Nyambene Level 4 Hospital Nutritionist Grace Safari has advised members of the public to embrace consumption of white meat recommended for managing cholesterol due to its high levels of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 mostly found in fish.

Speaking to KNA, Safari said white meat is generally high in vitamin B which is good for brain function and blood health particularly B3 and B 12.

She added that red meats have been categorized to be among potential causes of cancer, especially the processed meat which have high levels of carcinogens placing them in the same category as cigarettes and alcohol.

Safari noted that red meat is also linked to high cholesterol which increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

She observed that the introduction of white meats in one’s diet would prevent many lifestyle diseases.

She added that people can minimize the uptake of red meat with a variety of sources of white meat including chicken, turkey, duck, and rabbits. She said vitamin D found in chicken helps in calcium absorption, while phosphorus helps in maintaining bone health, brain function, dental care and metabolic function.

The nutritionist said that with the increase of chronic diseases, a change of diet is much prudent. “Uptake of meats from poultry like turkey and ducks can really make a difference in reducing strokes, diabetes and heart diseases,” she said.

Safari urged area residents to embrace the rearing of rabbits as it is a source of white meat, adding that many adults in the area associate the rabbit farming with young boys as the practice is meant to keep young uncircumcised boys busy at home.

She further advised on consumption of vegetables and fruits which she said contain significant amounts of antioxidants and nutrients and helps in fighting obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and hypertension.

By Kamanja Maeria