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Chuka University Holds Seventh Graduation Ceremony

Chuka University will hold its seventh graduation ceremony at the main campus grounds in Ndagani.

The class of 2019 is an exemplary one since tens of students from diverse faculties will be conferred First Class honours degrees.

According to the University Vice Chancellor Professor Erastus Njoka, Chuka University was the first institution of higher learning to be established in the former Eastern Province. The government’s objective of establishing the institution was to enhance education access and equity to the people in the region and Kenya at large.

Some of the top performing students are those who were pursuing Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry that has 10 students with first class honours. Another class that has posted excellent performance is Bachelor of Science (BSC) in Economics and Statistics where 13 students will graduate with a first class degree.

BSC in Agricultural Education and Extension has nine first class honours while BSC in Horticulture has 11 first class honours.

The highest number of top grade is in Bachelor of Education (Arts) where 18 students have attained the highest university grade. Bachelor of Education (Science) has 16 first class degrees.

However, it is important to note that Education has one of the highest number of learners enrolled.

In January this year, a first class honours graduate from Chuka University was broadcast tarmacking without a job despite her sterling academic papers.

The university announced the confirmation of graduating students’ details in the dummy certificate. “This is compulsory and no certificate will be printed without a verified dummy certificate”, read a section of the letter signed by Prof. Francis Ndiritu, the Academic Affairs Registrar. The verification exercise will go on until Friday October 25 this year.

The purpose of above measure is to ensure accuracy of the certificates by confirming the registration number, order and spelling of the graduating student’s name as per the National ID. The students will also be required to verify their programmes and graduation classification.

 By David Mutwiri


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