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Church extends love to people living with disability

Residents of Kiambu have been urged to register physically challenged people with St James Cathedral to ensure that they were part of a 7 day visitation awareness program.

The Very Rev. Geoffrey Mungai, the provost of the church told the congregants during the main service to register their children, relatives or neighbours with the condition with the church to enable proper preparation on how the beneficiaries will be engaged. “We will visit all the people who will register with us and for the next 7 days will engage and socialize with them,” he said.

According to him, the activity will help embrace the minority group in the society and even involve them in the church’s activities such as attending service of the deaf that is held every Sunday in the church.

The canon who is also the Cathedral archdeacon in Mt Kenya South diocese said that the program will aid in the recognition of people living with disabilities which will create a sense of belonging and hence they will be able to indulge more in their day to day activities so as to make them self-reliant.

Dorcas Wambui, a congregant of St James Cathedral hailed the program saying it will be able to help recognize the minority group and also address the stigmatization of these people. “The church is leading by example by visiting the physically challenged in their homes hoping that the locals will emulate it’s ways and treat them as equals,” Wambui said. She further said that such programs will encourage such minorities to be involved in societal activities therefore feeling appreciated.

However, Wambui who is a mother of a 2 year old daughter, suggested that the church should have an inclusive service which incorporates all people as it will be a better way of empowering and creating awareness about physically challenged persons. “The deaf should not only have a separate service but there should also be a forum where they attend services with other people,” she said. Currently, the church holds a service for the deaf prior to other services.

According to Wambui, such forums will enable her daughter and generally the entire society to appreciate the physically impaired thus ending the stigmatization that they have lived with.

The disability week will commence from 16 to 22 of September whose purpose is to empower the disabled so that they can be able to carry on with their daily activities despite the discrimination and seclusion from the society.

By Lydia Shiloya and Harry kamanda


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