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Church to fight corruption

The church will not remain quiet in the ongoing war on corruption in the country.

Speaking during celebration of Palm Sunday at Mombasa Catholic cathedral, Father in charge of Mombasa John Korea said the church would continue to play its role in advising the leadership on the effects of corruption.

Father Korea said the church would voice corruption concerns to the authorities for appropriate action to be taken on those implicated in corruption.

“We urge the government to intensify the fight against corruption. Those who have stolen should be arrested and charged in court,” he said

The priest added that they would not tire of speaking on the ills in the society even though he was not sure if people would listen and act upon corruption.

Father John said the church is the voice of the people and it will not be quiet over the matter.

“The church informs but does not prosecute. The government should move swiftly in containing corruption before it completely fleeces the nation off its resources plunging it into eternal debt,” said the priest.

Meanwhile, Father John said despite climate change being a contributor to the ongoing drought and hunger, the government should protect its citizens from adverse effects of drought.

He said church members had contributed food and water for drought affected areas but that the government should do more since they collected all taxes in the country.

In curtailing the adverse climate change conditions, the priest called for concerted efforts to mitigate drought and desertification calling on people to plant and protect trees.

Palm Sunday is derived from the life and times of Jesus when he rode on a donkey through Jerusalem as a sign of humility and peace.

The priest called on people to reflect on Jesu’s humility and draw closer to God during the holy week leading to death and resurrection of Jesus which is observed as the greatest holiday in the Christian calendar.

Christians celebrate Palm Sunday as a precursor to Easter which is about realisation of God’s love for mankind through offering Jesus Christ to die for their sins.

By Joseph Kamolo

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