Civil servants urged to seek mental health advice

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Civil servants working in Lugari, Matete and Likuyani Sub-Counties have been advised to pay close attention to their mental health as part of their body well-being.

Speaking during the opening of National Hospital Insurance Fund Civil Servants sensitization meeting at CDF Hall in Lugari, Area Assistant County Commissioner (ACC), Nancy Kiptoo, said civil servants under the national insurer comprehensive cover should utilize the scheme to seek mental medical check-up and counselling to tame mental health issues, now common in the country.

Kiptoo urged the civil servants and public servants to lead the discussion on mental health within the communities for being the first to seek professional advice and treatment.

The ACC noted that financial pressure and societal obligations are pushing civil servants to resort unconventional problem-solving methods including suicide.

She challenged civil servants to understand the provisions of NHIF to avoid common health challenges, which the health scheme covers, including mental health issues.

“I urge you to read and understand the civil servants’ comprehensive medical scheme so that no one denies you your rights,” Kiptoo advised more than 70 civil servants converged at CDF Hall in Lumakanda town.

The ACC revealed that cases of suicide are common in Lugari and Matete Sub-Counties due to suspected mental illnesses, a situation she said should be handled by the community immediately.

“You should know that at least after every two days a suicide case is reported within this region, meaning that mental health issues are real within us,” Kiptoo added.

The ACC believes that civil servants should be a role model in popularizing the need for visiting hospitals or guiding and counselling professionals on mental health symptoms.

Kiptoo represented the Area Deputy County Commissioner, William Lenaremo, during the NHIF sensitization forum sponsored by the medical scheme head office.

The team was led by the NHIF Director In- charge of Public Service, Ken Rogers Milai, who said that they were sensitizing civil servants countrywide on the new developments of the scheme.

By Geoffrey Satia

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