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CJ Koome admits 113 advocates to the Roll of Advocates

Chief Justice (CJ) of Kenya Martha Koome today presided over the admission of 113 lawyers to the Roll of Advocates.

Speaking during the event at the Supreme Court, Nairobi, the CJ congratulated the newly admitted advocates emphasising that this was a remarkable transition from their studying period to practice.

She stated that justice is a fundamental right and a constitutional imperative adding that advocates should ensure access to justice for all persons and the need to champion it especially to the vulnerable in the society.

The CJ urged the advocates to make a step forward to ensure the vulnerable members in the society get equal access to justice by providing equal services and legal advice.

“Social Transformation Through Access to Justice is very ambitious with its objective of ensuring that we create a just society which ensures that justice is a universal good and the role should be harnessed to ensure justice for all,” Koome added.

Koome challenged the advocates to contribute socially by going an extra mile to ensure that victims of gender-based violence, children, persons with disability, minority groups, and persons from marginalised groups are enabled to access justice.

Reflecting on her success, Koome encouraged all advocates that there is space and a place for each one of them to occupy without engaging in unethical manners and always embrace personal ethics by resisting temptations.

The Director of Kenya School of Law Henry Mutai emphasised the importance of integrity in the society and encouraged the advocates to instill confidence and practice the legal profession, which will have an impact on their clients.

He urged the advocates to always read to equip themselves with the latest knowledge on legal matters and be ethical by ensuring that whatever they do has to go hand in hand with the law.

By Daisy Makena and Catherine Mumbi

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