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Communities called to exercise restraint after attacks

Isiolo County Commissioner John Ondego has condemned the attacks in which four suspected rustlers were killed at Losesia in Samburu East constituency Tuesday afternoon.

He also called upon the elders and the youth from the two neighbouring communities to exercise restraint and avoid retaliatory attacks as the National Police Service officers pursue the attackers.

He said police officers from Isiolo and Sambur counties have been deployed to prevent more attacks from the two pastoralist communities.

Mr. Ondego regretted that the attacks occurred even after the security teams, chiefs and elders held peace meeting to address the tension last Friday following initial reports of possible raid in the area.
He added that the two counties had maintained peace for a while with cases of cattle theft reducing following enhanced security and peace dialogues among them.

The suspected rustlers were killed during a conflict between the two armed groups in Losesia, Samburu County.

The gunfight is said to have started at a watering point in Losesia where herders from Samburu County were attacked.

Waso Assistant County Commissioner, Mr. Bernard Onyango said the attackers from Isiolo County crossed a river to a watering point where the herders were watering their livestock.

He said the injured herdsman was rushed to Archers Post dispensary and confirmed that no animals were stolen during the incident.

By David Nduro

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