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Concerns over Burglaries in Siaya Schools

Schools and other public institutions in Rarieda Sub County have been asked to employ security guards from reputable security firms to curb the rising cases of burglary at the facilities.
According to Rarieda Sub County Police Commander Thomas Ototo, guards from such firms are trained and can easily be traced and held accountable in case of burglary incidents.
Speaking against the backdrop of a recent incident at Lwala Raongo primary school where property of unknown value was stolen, while the guard went into hiding, Ototo warned schools against employing guards sourced from the village.
“Some of these watchmen or guards are relatives of Boards of Management members in their schools and once there crime occurs, they disappear and their influential kin do not want them followed up,” Ototo revealed.
Addressing the press in his office Thursday, the police boss stated that most schools in the area employ guards sourced from the villages who are untrained and not effective in providing security to school property.
“These guards are from the village and deep into the night some leave the school unguarded to go back to their houses,” he said
He disclosed that in case of burglary in such institutions, the incidents go unreported because the head teachers or the principals are under pressure from the villagers not report the matter to the police, since they fear it may lead to arrest of the guards.
“Right now we have had few cases of burglary in schools in the region and we have made arrests and prosecuted the guards for failing to prevent felony, but in most cases the incidents are not reported by the school heads since they do not want to antagonise the villagers,” Ototo said
The police boss advised the school heads to always report cases immediately they occur to allow police to commence investigations instead choosing to protect the offenders by remaining silent.
Meanwhile, due to the ongoing curfew criminals have taken advantage to raid institutions where laptops for the Digital Literacy Program and text books worth thousands of shillings have been stolen.
By Brian Ondeng’

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