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Vandalism Cases on the increase around Lake Naivasha

The government will take stern action against criminal gangs found vandalizing property in hotels and flower farms, currently submerged around the flooded Lake Naivasha.

The  Naivasha Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Mathioya Mbogo warned that the government will not allow anyone to trespass on private properties, adding that security patrols have been mobilized to arrest the criminals.

“As much as there was crisis in terms of job losses, we shall not allow some few individuals to break the law by attacking guards and vandalizing personal properties,” he said.

Meanwhile, hoteliers and flower farmers operating around Lake Naivasha have been counting losses following increased cases of destruction of their properties submerged in the flooded lake.

The investors claimed that organized gangs were using boats to access and vandalize their properties despite them deploying guards.

Residents of Kihoto estate which has also been flooded due rising water levels at the lake have also not been spared with the organized gangs said to be making away with doors, windows and roofing materials from the abandoned houses.

The proprietor of Hippo Point resort, Dominic Cunnigham said a well-organized gang of over 30 men was raiding on their properties at will.

He cited Tuesday night incident where the gang allegedly raided his facility and made away with over 100 metres of electrical cable after attacking his security guards.

“Already one of my security guards is admitted to hospital after he was attacked and injured by this vicious gang and the matter is now getting out of control,” he said.

Cunnigham attributed the rise in crime to Covid-19 pandemic which he said had rendered many young people jobless in addition to floods that have displaced many families.

On his part, the CEO Crayfish Hotel, Peter  Mehta said that his house which has been submerged in the lake waters had also been vandalized, with the youthful gangs using boats at night and targeting structures that had been abandoned by the owners.

The Chairman Lake Naivasha Boat Owners association, David Kilo admitted that the vandalism cases were worrying with the numbers of those involved also increasing.

He attributed this to lack of patrols on the troubled water body, adding that the association will be offering their boats for night patrols by security agents.

By  Esther  Mwangi

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