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Confirmed cholera cases in Meru rise to five

Confirmed cholera cases in Meru County have risen to five from the initial two reported on October 31.

Speaking during a press conference, the acting Health Executive who is also the County Deputy governor Isaac Mutuma said the five are among 14 suspected cases that were taken to various health facilities in the county, and 11 of them ended up being admitted.

He however said that four out of the five have since been successfully treated and discharged.

“We currently have only one person who is still admitted and the discharged patients are also under surveillance,” said Mr. Mutuma.

Following the outbreak, the health department has put the residents on high alert and commenced response activities including field investigations, risk communication, community engagement and environmental hygiene to prevent a further spread of the disease and manage the outbreak.

Others are isolation of cholera cases in the ward and effective case management, strengthened surveillance activities, provision of sample transport to the sub-county laboratories and enhanced involvement of other stakeholders like religious leaders and partners in creating awareness.

“We have further formed cholera management teams both at the county and sub-counties to ensure appropriate preparedness and response,” said Mutuma.

He added that the general public is advised to take prevention measures that include proper use of toilets, handwashing using running water and soap, proper cooking of foods, washing of fruits and vegetables before consumption as well as consumption of safe drinking water.”

He also advised those experiencing signs of diarrhoea, vomiting, and dehydration to visit the nearest health facility for immediate treatment.

“Cholera is very contagious and as Meru community, we need to be careful in terms of food hygiene and basic sanitation, especially in all food premises,” said Mutuma.

By Dickson Mwiti


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