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County assessing current drought, to scale up mitigation measures

The  Garissa  county government has embarked on an exercise to assess the current drought with the aim of scaling up  mitigation  measures following failed long rains, area governor, Ali  Korane has said.

Speaking  to  the press at his residence on Wednesday, Korane said few parts of the county received rains but were not  enough, noting that between now and October the drought situation could get worse.

The  governor  said  his  administration had  initially  thought  of  re-allocating  funds  from different departments to the  emergency  kitty  when the meteorological department said the long rains were to fail.

“We  had  started  this  process  of  re-allocating  the  funds  but when  it  started  raining  we  thought  that the drought  problem  was over only for the rains again to fail midway,” Korane said.

“The  reports  we  are  receiving from the 6 sub-counties paint a bleak picture. The rains never made any impact and most  of   the  water sources were never filled up and have started drying up. The pasture is depleting fast and soon we  will  be back to the drawing board,” he added.

Korane  said  his  administration  has  started the process of re-assessing the drought situation and urged the national  government and other stakeholders to come on board .

The  governor  said the county wants to start addressing the problem early enough to avoid mobilising resources at the  height  of  the drought as has been the case in the past.

The  Garissa SUPKMEM  Chairman, Abdullahi  Salat  on  his part,  urged for collective effort by all the relevant stakeholders in addressing the drought situation.

Salat  said  that as an organisation they have realised there is more rural urban migration which normally takes place in  times of drought.

“There  are all signs that things are not good and we managed to talk to some of those migrating and their main reason was  depleted resources due to the drought,” Salat said.

Salat  urged the county government to take the lead in mitigating the drought and asked the Muslim fraternity to continue assisting each other especially at this time of need as was the trend during the Ramadhan period.

“I want to appeal to my fellow Muslim that let us extend our support to the less fortunate by re-directing our assistance to those that have been affected by the drought,” he added.

According  to latest report by the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA), the drought situation had slightly gone down but because of amount of rains received, the problem could start escalating as from next month.

By  Jacob  Songok

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