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County government to divert development funds due to drought

Isiolo  County Government will redirect development funds in order to provide relief food to hungry residents following prolonged drought.

The  Isiolo Governor, Dr. Mohamed Kuti said that the looming drought has forced the County Government to reduce development funds in order to purchase relief food, animal feeds and drill more boreholes.

Dr. Kuti who was speaking to officials from Department for International Development (DFID) said that his government had improved staff capacity to deliver quality service to residents.

“After conducting County Capacity Assessment, the result shows we have improved in service delivery readiness competence from 61 to 77 per cent and ranking us among the top counties to achieve the obligatory goal,” the governor said.

He  added that his administration had taken five Vision 2030 flagship projects in the first two years which are in progress and wananchi have already started benefitting from labour work.

The Governor  identified the modern slaughter-house, County offices, modern stadium, modern Market and town roads as some of the development projects which are ongoing and all of them expected to be completed in two years.

Dr. Kuti said that water shortage which is being experienced in Isiolo town resulted from an increase in population against the 15,000 people estimated during the time of designing the Town.

He  also said upstream irrigation by the neighbouring community has caused water shortage where six boreholes are needed in Bulapesa and Wabera wards to ease the water problem.

Speaking during the occasion, the DFID boss, Ben  Fisher said that British government will second one person to coordinate operations and fill up the gap left by the county government.

Fisher said that currently his organization would support health nutrition, Isiolo referral Hospital, drilling boreholes using British army machines and capacity building on peace among the communities.

By  Abduba  Mamo

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