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Court orders vote recount in 10 polling stations in Busia

A court has granted orders for scrutiny and recount of votes in 10 polling stations as sought by a petitioner challenging the election of Busia Governor Dr. Paul Nyongesa Otuoma.

High Court judge David Kenei ordered that voting diaries in the named stations that were used to facilitate voting be availed for scrutiny.

Justice Kenei ordered that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) do a recount at Elugulu Trading Centre, Bumutiru RC, Esiuka, Elugulu, Namaindi, Bubango, Rudacho, Bulimba, Odiando, and Busia Township primary schools, where most of the contested results in the petition originated.

“I hereby direct recount of votes in the 10 polling stations within seven (7) days from today. The first and second respondents are to avail the dairies in the named polling stations in case they won’t be found in the ballot boxes,” noted Kenei, further declaring that scrutiny and recount be done within the same period in the presence of the deputy registrar of the Busia High Court.

“The scrutiny shall be conducted within seven days in the presence of the Deputy registrar of Busia High Court who will file a report on or before 17th January,” he added.

Kenei noted: “The sweeping prayers by petitioners to file more evidence for full scrutiny are unmerited.”

In the case, former Nambale MP John Sakwa Bunyasi, who is seeking to overturn governor Otuoma’s election alleged that there was an alteration of vote tallies, among other irregularities, an act that led to Governor Otuoma who is the first respondent, unfairly winning the polls.

The case was adjourned until 17th January pending scrutiny of the voters’ diary and recount of affected stations.

By Absalom Namwalo

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