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DCC calls for concerted efforts to combat radicalization

Kigumo Sub-county Deputy County Commissioner, Mr. Buxton Abwasi Mayabi, has called for concerted efforts among the residents and his administration to bring an end to radicalization and extremist behaviour in the sub-county.

 Speaking at Karuri Market Centre during his maiden public baraza since his appointment as the sub-county boss, Mayabi noted that having young men and women engaged in productive activities from a young age will promote healthy relationships and cohesiveness in society.

 “Extremist behaviour starts as a small seed and quickly germinates to uncontrollable heights with disastrous effects if left unchecked,” Mayabi said.

 “Learn to talk and advise your children because if you do not, if we do not talk to our young men, amongst them are peers who believe and support extreme views, ideologies, religious and political beliefs, and even prejudices against particular groups of people,” observed Mayabi 

 The DCC also took a swipe at parents who hold onto properties until their demise, leading to fierce succession battles and conflicts in their families. “A 25- or 28-year-old man is not a child; if you have several parcels of land, subdivide and let them toil to earn a living and become productive early,” he pointed out.

 “Let your children learn from an early age that hard work pays. That way, we will reduce the many conflicts in our families that are even resulting in deaths and murders related to fierce succession battles,” he advised.

 Mayabi cautioned the young men and women against spending all their youthful years gambling and idling instead of engaging in productive activities. “With the help of your parents, start a business or get into agriculture,” he said.

 The DCC further reminded the young people of the numerous opportunities from the government that are at their disposal, including loans like the Uwezo Fund and the Hustler Fund,  among others.

 “Join hands, form a group, and have it registered so that you can access the government funds to empower yourselves and your generations,” he said.

 The DCC further urged parents to ensure their children follow a religious path by attending churches, as there they will be taught the right godly paths to follow, which they will not depart from when they reach adulthood.

 “If you walk into any church today, you find that the majority are elderly people; the young men remain at home or in the town centres idling and get hooked on any number of vices such as alcohol, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, crime, and radicalization, among others,” he said.

 Mayabi noted that his administration will not hesitate to take action against the perpetrators of the vices by apprehending them so that they will be arraigned in court and convicted if found guilty.

 Karuri market centre has been known as Murang’a’s hotbed for radicalization as the area has remained a potential recruiting ground for the outlawed Mungiki sect since the 1970s.

By Florence Kinyua

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