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Deans of Education discuss Competence Based Curriculum

Deans of Education from various universities in the country are congregating at Embu University to discuss the preparedness by universities for Competency Based Curriculum.
Speaking to the press, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Embu University Prof Kiplagat Kotut said the deans are brainstorming on the universities readiness to receive graduates for CBC.
“We have invited various experts in Competency Based Education to highlight how universities should go about supporting the CBC,” noted Prof Kotut.
He further said that the deans in faculty of education at various universities will be responsible to ensure teachers who will be teaching trainees on CBC are well prepared for the task.
“If the universities will not prepare the teachers well then the CBC will not succeed as intended hence the purpose of bringing the deans together for brainstorming,” he added.
The vice chancellor also noted that the meeting will also deliberate on how to address the challenges facing the CBC.
Director, Kenya National Commission for UNESCO Mission, Dr. Evangeline Njoka said UNESCO is on the forefront pushing for Competency Based Education which is crucial in the realisation of sustainable development goals.
“We cannot effectively realise SDGs and African Agenda 2063 without embracing and effectively implementing Competency Based Education,” noted Dr. Njoka.
“Then the universities need to realise the need to be part of the CBE by retooling the teachers as they wait for students under CBC,” she added.
She also challenged universities to engage in research and retraining of teachers at lower levels for success of CBC adding that the universities must be well prepared so as to thoroughly equip these teachers for the curriculum.
By Kimani Tirus

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