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Dirty politics pose threat to investments, say local eminent persons

Murang’a council of eminent persons have claimed that the political clashes which have been witnessed in the county recently may hinder investments.

Speaking at Kenol Town Tuesday, the members observed that investors usually established businesses in areas which were peaceful saying political differences in the county may scare away people who want to put up investments in Murang’a.

Led by their chairman Joe Kibe, the council condemned recent skirmishes which were witnessed in Kenol town and in Nyakahura area of Kangema sub county.

Kibe said hooliganism associated with politics was giving the county a bad image that may push investors away from the county.

“Politically instigated violence from above is driving a fragile county deeper into hopelessness precipitated by a combination of extreme poverty, militia violence, alcoholism and drug abuse from below,” said Kibe.

He added that with lack of investments, the rate of unemployment would increase  in the county and jobless young people may opt to join criminal gangs.

“As Murang’a elders, we cannot stand by and watch as the county burns.  We call upon our people to deal with their political differences and ambitions with civility, dignity, peace and total commitment to the sanctity of life,” added the secretary of the council Dr. Nyamu Njoka.

The council called upon the government not to spare any effort to ensure that security, law and order in the county awere maintained.

“There is great need to contain political hooliganism and reign in on the gangs and militia groups which now stalk the county,” Njoka further stated.

He requested the police to promptly arrest leaders sponsoring hooliganism and violence without fear, favour or prejudice.

ACK Retired Bishop Gideon Githiga challenged church leaders not to allow politicians to use pulpits in perpetuating divisive politics.

He said political leaders who were currently engaged in 2022 elections should use other arenas to do their dirty politics and leave churches for their congregations.

Githiga said church leaders should look for other sources of funds for development instead of relying on politicians’ money.

The Bishop noted that years back, churches were constructed by generous contributions from the congregations and politicians usually used to give their contributions without much publicity.

“Many churches in this country were done by Christians without support of politicians. Let the clergy avoid bringing in politicians to the church to trade on divisive politics at houses of God,” added Githiga.

The retired Bishop said this is not the time to campaign for elections which will be held in two years’ time and urged elected leaders to work for the people who elected them.

By Bernard Munyao

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