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Drama as man begs wife to go back to matrimonial home

Drama ensued at the Githunguri bus terminus today after a man caught up with his wife who had deserted their matrimonial home in a huff over accusations of infidelity.


The woman was said to have been engaging in extra-marital affairs, a fact that it irked her husband.


Furious about the accusations, the woman who was only identified as Waitherero hired two bodaboda riders to ferry her belongings and fled from her rented house within the town to the bus stage where she boarded a matatu to Githiga. She took along her two children.


But just before the rider took off, her husband caught up with them and tried to beg her to stay to a point of tears, but to no avail.


“I must go! Let me go,” shouted the woman whilst boarding the motorcycle.


Onlookers flocked the scene in a matter of seconds to catch a glimpse of the happenings, after the man stuck onto the luggage and threw them to the ground, before the bodaboda operator loaded them back on the rider.


A matatu tout, Evans Muchoki proffered his advice and told the embattled man to seek professional counseling before he finds himself on the wrong side of the law.


“I too was in a situation just like yours. I came home one day and found that my wife was already gone, and thought to myself that she’d be back the next day. I ended up waiting for two months. I was depressed, but it never broke me down. I see her and her new catch nowadays, and I feel very indifferent. This is only because I had someone to lean onto.”


The man was left in agony as he watched his wife and child go away to an unknown location aboard the Githunguri-Githiga bound matatu.


Michael Mbogo, a marriage counsellor from Nairobi County, speaking to KNA advises that people in marriages should learn to communicate freely.


“I have seen many people almost lose their marriages and relationships because of bottling up issues within themselves. It almost always comes down to communication.  But those in marriage should always prioritize communication. Be friends with your partner, which will encourage openness and transparency,” Mbogo offers.


He also says that physical attraction may cease overtime, which is not unusual, but in such a case, they should seek help before making any irrational decisions that can be detrimental to themselves, partners and children.


by Lydia shiloya and  Florence Kiarie

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