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Drunken police driver kills motorbike rider

A  police officer who hit a motorbike rider and sped off leaving him unconscious at the Mokowe-Hindi road at Subira, Lamu west sub-county has been arrested.

Confirming the incident, Lamu County Police Commander (CPC), Perminus  Kioi revealed that the officer had already presented himself to the Officer Commanding Station in Mokowe.

The police commander further revealed that the officer, Constable Reuben Rono would be taken to court on Monday to face careless driving charges.

“Yes, one of our vehicles was involved in an accident and the officer who was driving has been arrested and will be taken to court,” Kioi stated.

The accident left the motorbike rider, Mwangi wa Dorcas lying on the road with blood oozing from the nose.

A witness, Ali Mohamed, said that the officer who was driving a police vehicle who seemed drunk, hit Mwangi from behind.

Ali further divulged that when the officer realised he had hit Mwangi, he sped off leaving him lying on the tarmack.

“The officer who was driving the police vehicle hit Mwangi from behind and sped off. The deceased was on his lane so the officer is the one who was on the wrong,” Ali said.

The  witness went on to say that after the accident the officer drove to Mokowe police station where he returned the police vehicle.

It  has been established that the officer was arrested and is locked at Lamu police cells after complaints were raised by Hindi area residents.

Following the incident, Mwangi, who lost his wife to a road accident recently, was rushed to King Fahad hospital just before he breathed his last and the body has been moved to Mpeketoni mortuary.

About three motorbike accidents are reported daily along the Lamu-Garsen road that is under construction, majority being fatal.

By  Amenya  Ochieng

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