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Education sector took lion share of NG-CDF funds

The Baringo Central Deputy County Commissioner, Reuben Ratemo (left) with area MP, Joshua Kandie present a dummy cheque worth Sh.36, 800, 000 to representatives of secondary schools in the constituency during a ceremony held at NG-CDF offices in Kabarnet town on Saturday June 13, 2020. Photo by KNA.
The  Baringo Central MP, Joshua Kandie presents a cheque to officials of a day secondary school in his constituency during a bursary cheques presentation ceremony held on Saturday June 13, 2020 at NG-CDF offices in Kabarnet town. Photo by KNA.

The  Baringo Central NG-CDF has pumped more than Sh. 220 million for the education sector since 2017 to date.

Area Member of Parliament, Joshua Kandie made the remarks on Saturday during a bursary cheque presentation ceremony in Kabarnet, stating that more than Sh.120 million of the funds was allocated for school development projects while close to Sh. 100 million was bursaries to needy learners.

He thanked parents and schools managers for patiently waiting for the 2019/2020 bursaries and school development funds whose release delayed due to effects of COVID-19 global pandemic that resulted to readjustment of calendar of events at the constituency office.

The first time MP who presented a dummy bursary cheque worth Sh. 36, 800 million for the 2019/2020 financial year at a ceremony witnessed by area Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Reuben Ratemo, also said road infrastructure was another big beneficiary of the NG-CDF kitty.

“We have also allocated some more one million shillings to enable women engaging in hair and beauty services to sustain and grow their businesses which shall be a big boost for them especially during this eve of COVID-19 whereby the economy is dwindling,” he noted.

Kandie encouraged more jobless youth to enroll into vocational training centres within the constituency and pursue craft courses like fashion design, tailoring and dress making, saying those expressing interest shall be funded through the NG-CDF funds.

“I would wish to see many of the unemployed youth enrolling in large numbers into the vocational training centres and take advantage of the NG-CDF sponsorship whose funding is increased annually to reach more trainees,” he reiterated.

Kandie noted that most of the development activities that had been lined up by his administration was being derailed by effects of COVID-19 but said he could no more postpone the issuance of bursaries and school infrastructure cheques.

“When government banned public gatherings for 30 days, then 21, and lately, 30 days, I ran out of patience and decided to discharge some of my activities and programmes so that they are not overtaken by events or get time barred,” he said.

He stated that he opted to disburse the bursary cheques so that when schools open on September as proposed, the beneficiaries will have already received the money and thus able to settle quickly for their class work.

The  DCC challenged parents to continue working hard to get more money to support the education needs of their children. He however, warned the bursaries they get from NG-CDF should not encourage them to sire more children as doing so might overwhelm them.

A  retireee from the constituency, Dr. Samson Cherambus thanked the MP on behalf of the residents noting the decision to allocate more funds to the education sector was a great blessing to residents given that most parts of Baringo is not favorable for farming. “Due to this fact, we invest on education for our children as an economic activity,” he explained.

By  Vincent  Miningwo/Christopher Kiprop

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