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Egerton & Abrar Universities to develop academic cooperation

Egerton University is planning to enter into an academic partnership with Abrar University of Somalia in a move aimed at broadening the institutions’ pool of doctoral students and supervisors, developing research capacity and sharing facilities as well as expertise through a network of peers.

Through the partnership, the two institutions will exchange students and develop joint scientific and or technological research projects, among others.

Egerton University Vice Chancellor Professor Isaac Kibwage said the purpose of the collaboration is to develop academic cooperation on the basis of equality, reciprocity, promote relations and mutual understanding between the two universities.

“The envisaged MoU spells a bright future for our students and faculty.  We are seeking the collaboration in the areas of joint research activities, supervision of post-graduate research projects, and the joint organization of conferences, workshops, and webinars,” he explained

Speaking after holding a meeting with the Rector of Abrar University of Somalia Professor Ahmed Abdulkadir Kadle and the Director of Research and Post Graduate Studies at the University of Red Sea-Somalia Dr Ahmed Said Mohamud at his office at the Njoro Main Campus, the Vice Chancellor indicated that other areas of collaborations that had been suggested include agriculture, medicine, education, health sciences, engineering, innovation, humanities and social sciences among others.

They shared knowledge and ideas on topics of international importance such as public health, food security and the environment.

The partnership intends to build and increase capacity in doctorate degrees as well as shine a spotlight on the quality of supervision of post-graduate research projects.

Professor Kibwage indicated that strengthening supervision of post-graduate research projects will build the capacity to support more candidates to complete their studies.

Professor Kadle said they were exploring a model that will enable students to draw supervisors from any of the two universities to gain access to expertise.

“We also want to partner with Egerton University, in strengthening our programs in Agriculture, Dairy, and Food Technology,” stated the Rector.

He added “the venture is profoundly justifiable as the challenges encountered in PhD studies are alarming, especially the rate of completion within the stipulated time,” Professor Kadle detailed.

He indicated that Abrar University of Somalia is committed to building international partnerships to nurture global citizenship, engage the global research community and attract talented students and funding.

“We are seeking partnerships to increase the visibility and reputation of Abrar University of Somalia and its partners in Eastern Africa and improve collaboration and knowledge transfer between our institutions for future activities, including research income and funding opportunities.

Eastern Africa higher education stakeholders have raised concerns regarding weak doctoral supervision in the region.

Heavy workload and inadequate capacity have been identified as some of the drawbacks to the aspiration of quality PhD research output.

Abrar University, a private institution established in 2014 by an Act of the Imam Shafi Foundation (ISHF) is accredited by the National Commission of Higher Education of Somalia.

By Jane Ngugi



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