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Village elders to be complimented for service delivery

Interior Cabinet Secretary Professor Kithure Kindiki has instructed his office to prepare a report on the performance of village elders so that the government can find a way to compensate them financially  in their effort to compliment  administrative officials in service delivery.

Speaking during the launch of the office of the assistant commissioner at Mwanamwinga, Kindiki said the government will address village elders’ interests reiterating the important role they play at the village level in unison with the administrative officers in directing the members of public on government policies and project in

“I have heard that there is a need here for us to try to motivate our village elders. I have already ordered my office to bring me a report so that we can see if we can have a way to compensate the village elders to support the administrative officers”, he said

“I want to announce that this year we will find a way of giving a token for compensation to our village elders working together with nyumba kumi to be able to support the work of the national government,” he added.

At the same time, CS Kindiki strongly condemned the killing of elderly people in Kilifi on suspicion of witchcraft, saying that these cases are matters of security threat and must be stopped.

The CS added that no citizen should be in danger because of his age, thus warning those responsible for the murders that they must be found and legal action taken against them.

“We must protect our elders. We are going to crack down on criminals who are terrorizing our older people and sometimes bringing cultural reasons which are not valid to interfere with our senior citizens who should be living in peace”, he said

By Jackson Msanzu

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