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Eighty-six illegal pharmacies closed in a crackdown

Pharmacy and Poisons Board has closed down 86 illegal pharmacies in the Western Kenya Region in a five-day crackdown that started on Monday.
In a press briefing at a Kakamega hotel on Thursday, Dr. Dominic Kariuki who is in charge of Surveillance and Inspection at the Board, said three private clinics were found with stocks of government medicines.
Dr. Kariuki said that the culprits have been taken to court and charged with various offences including operating chemists without licenses, operating in unlicensed premises as well as selling expired drugs.
He added that there are instances of qualified pharmacists who set up chemists and leave them in the hands of non-professionals saying they are equally culpable for the illegality.
Dr. Kariuki said the expired drugs have been forwarded to the Board for destruction. He also called on the public to report to the police private chemists selling government drugs that are supposed to be free.
He pointed out that in a bid to take their services closer to the people, they have established eight regional offices across the country.
The swoop comes against the backdrop of mushrooming illegal clinics in the backstreets and remote areas operated by quacks hence endangering the lives of the patients.
By Sammy Mwibanda

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