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Traders’ uproar over garbage menace in Kakamega

Traders in Kakamega Town have urged the county government to relocate a waste holding centre located at the bus park.

The Traders who spoke to KNA said the holding centre is close to their businesses, hotels and poses a health risk.

One of them, Christopher Kanga, complained that the waste, contrary to the reports from the county government, has accumulated for more than five years at the site.

He said they have lost many customers due to the problem.

Another trader Lucy Waithera said they are not able to move to another location since they were allocated stalls near the bus park where the waste is dumped.

“We sell foodstuffs which include fish, sardines and vegetables among other items. We urge the county government to help us by relocating this dumping centre,” she noted.

She said the problem becomes worse during the rainy season as water stagnates mixing with the waste. Sometimes dead animals like cats and dogs are also dumped creating a nasty smell.

In response, the Manager in charge of cleaning services in Kakamega town, operating through the Western Cross Company Limited, Hudson Kisanga said that the waste remains at the holding centre for a maximum of eight hours.

By Anne Otieno

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