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Elders, churches asked to properly mentor boys during initiation process

Community and churches leaders who organize initiation ceremonies among boys were urged to take the opportunity and educate the young men properly on social values.

Ahadi Trust Kenya Director Dr. Stanley Kamau has observed that during initiation process, young boys can be mentored to be responsible people and avoid being indulged in anti-social behaviours.

He regretted that scores of young men have indulged themselves to evil and irresponsible traits, thus endangering their future lives.

Kamau said currently many initiation ceremonies are being conducted especially in many parts of the central region and urged those organizing the occasions to bring in professionals to mentor and educate the boys on matters involving family and careers.

The anti-jigger crusader spoke at Sagana Saturday during the graduation of 35 boys who underwent initiation under his sponsorship in partnership with other well-wishers.

“In this country we have witnessed boys who have indulged into immoral behaviours, others are opting to marry older women so they can be taken care and this is not what our community advocates for,” stated Kamau.

Mentorship programmes, Kamau added, will also help to contain abuse of alcoholism and drugs, saying the process will ensure boys grow up being responsible.

“To fight alcoholism and drug abuse among other immoral behaviours, mentorship especially of boys should start early, but not when they have completed their O-level education. Community leaders need to take the responsibility of mentoring youth seriously, so as to avoid having scores of irresponsible people in future,” he added.

Kamau further noted that initiation does not only mean circumcision but also educating the youth on how to embrace values and principles in their lives.

Speaking during the same occasion, a council of Kikuyu elder, Njoroge wa Njari underscored the need of educating young boys about evils and crimes being witnessed in the country.

Njoroge said many of teen pregnancies which have been recorded in the country during Covid-19 pandemic, could be attributed to poor parenting saying in most cases, young boys were responsible for the pregnancies.

“Through our council, we were able to establish most of those early pregnancies among our girls were done by boys who are continuing with their education. Mentorship will try to help our boys and girls to avoid immorality and live responsibly,” he added.

 Njoroge urged parents to take time and advise their children about life skills, during this time of long holiday saying such responsibility should not be left to teachers alone.

One of the well-wishers who sponsored the initiation exercise, Mr. Goldon Muturi said as elders from the region, they will continue organizing camps so as to mentor youth, observing that a big number of young men have indulged in alcoholism, thus becoming irresponsible citizens of the country.

By Bernard Munyao

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