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MP wants government to declare Covid-19 a national disaster

Emurrua Dikirr MP Johanah Ng’eno has called on the national government to declare Covid-19 a national disaster, following the many deaths caused by the pandemic in the country.

Ngeno said the virus has continued to ravage the nation, despite the ongoing lockdown in five counties deemed to have surging cases.

The MP spoke in Angata Barikoi ward in Trans Mara area Saturday, during the burial of the late County Executive Committee Member in charge of Roads and Public Service, late John Marindany who succumbed to Covid-19 related complications on Wednesday in a Nairobi hospital.

The burial was also attended by Governor Samuel Tunai, Principal Secretary for Youth affairs Charles Sunkuli, a number of Members of the County Assembly and county executives.

“Despite President Uhuru Kenyatta closing the five counties of Nairobi, Kiambu, Nakuru, Machakos and Kajiado, we have seen many deaths still being reported and people being hospitalized over Covid-19. That’s why I urge the government to declare this pandemic as National disaster,” Ng’eno said.

He observed the move would help in proper utilization funds earmarked for the disease in a right way amid claims that the same had been diverted to other projects.

“The moment we declare Covid-19 a national disaster, all the monies that could be looted or diverted to other projects would be consolidated to fight the disease,” he observed.

At the same time, the legislator called on the government to declare vaccination compulsory to all the residents, saying this is the only way to curb further spread of the pandemic.

The MP took swipe at local radio stations that scared the locals by reporting unconfirmed news on the side effects of the vaccine, hence preventing many people from going for the jab.

“The government should regulate the messages passed through some radio stations about covid-19 vaccine. I am perturbed that even my own mother has refused to go for the jab because she heard a radio station reporting that the vaccine is causing blood clot,” said Ng’eno.

On his part, the governor praised the fallen leader saying he was one of his best friends in the county executive as he was hand working and very dependable.

Tunai reiterated that the late Marindany was so trusted by all the other executive members that they nominated him to serve as their chair.

“In the last function we attended with him four days before his death, he was jovial and in good health. However, after some days I was called to be informed that he was not feeling well. I personally sent for an ambulance to carry him from his home in Lolgorian to a Nairobi hospital. I kept following up with the doctors but unfortunately he passed on,” said the governor.

 Sunkuli mourned Marindany as a close friend when they were both teachers before they were absorbed to serve in the national and county government respectively.

The late Marindany served in Governor Tunai’s government since 2013 when he was appointed as the Health CEC. He also served in the Education, Youth and Sports department and Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries department and lately Roads and Public service before his demise.

By Ann Salaton

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