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Enhancing security by continuous collaboration

A stakeholder engagement between Nakuru city security agencies, business community and boda boda operators has called for continuous collaboration in effort to curb crime in Nakuru county.

In a meeting held at local hotel the collaborative effort spearheaded by Nakuru City Board in partnership with Midrift Human Rights Network and security agencies, signified a proactive approach to enhancing security measures in the city.

These proactive measures were aimed at ensuring that residents have the freedom to conduct their business without the shadow of insecurity, marking a positive transformation towards a more secure and prosperous City.

During the meeting, City Manager Gitau Thabanja gave an assurance to stakeholders regarding the City’s upcoming security initiatives which include the installation of additional high-powered streetlights, the identification of crime hotspot areas, the opening up of backstreets, and engaging in security dialogues with key sector players.

Thabanja highlighted the ongoing efforts of the city management in mapping out dark spots to further enhance security initiatives, and make it a 24 hours’ economy where traders continue with their business without fearing the insecurity that racks in darkness.

He noted that with the increasing number of unemployed youths, there was a need of keeping them occupied in their businesses, even if it means working in shifts so that they earn a living like and keep away from crimes.

He commended the security officials for their efforts in ending the menace of youth gangsters such as the infamous ‘confirm’, who sprang up during the covid-19 pandemic, due to idleness.

The meeting was attended by key figures including the County Commissioner, Sub-County Police Commander for Nakuru East, OCS officers from Central, Kaptembwo, Bondeni, and Kivumbini, Police Inspectors, Directorate of Trade, City Management Staff and County Inspectorate representatives.

By Veronica Bosibori


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