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Ensure the digital learning gadgets are safe, says Government official

The  Busia County Commissioner (CC), Jacob Narengo has appealed to head teachers to be vigilant and ensure that  watchmen  in their  schools do not collude with outsiders to steal the digital learning gadgets.

Speaking to a team from Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development  who visited his office on Friday, Narengo expressed concern that the success of the digital literacy programme risks being derailed by theft of the devices.

“Being  a  border County, there have been challenges of theft where products from one country end up in another,” he said.

He  added that surveillance along the border points has been intensified to guarantee safety of the devices.

The  official  further stated that communities in either sides of the border who speak the same language have been accused of abetting the vice.

“This  is  a  noble programme,” he said adding that the government initiated it out of conviction that technology has the  power to improve learning.

The  CC  further  appealed  to ICT Authority  to  ensure the programme is well supported especially with

maintenance  and  training  of  teachers.

“We  have  succeeded, learners  are  very  excited  about  the programme but we must invest in its sustainability,” he said.

The  Busia County Director of Education, Thaddeus Awuor said that 419 out of 445 public primary schools in the county  had  benefited from 33,148 devices across the county.

Awuor  added  that  teachers not only use the devices for teaching and learning but also preparation of official records  hence  reducing the costs of papers.

“Teachers  are  positive, they now appreciate that ICT integration in education is not only a policy  issue  but  a global  asset,” he said

The  Busia  County  TSC  Deputy  Director, Yusuf  Ali  said that more teachers in the county will be trained to cope with the increasing enrollment as the devices attract more learners.

By  Salome  Alwanda

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