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Marsabit violence inciters to be arrested

Security  agencies  are  trailing leaders believed to be inciting intercommunal violence in Marsabit County.

The  Eastern Regional Commissioner (RC), Isaiah Nakoru told the media in Embu on Sunday morning that they have crucial  leads as to who was behind the violence and they hoped to make some arrests soon.

He  said  the government  cannot  sit  back and watch as politicians fan the violence for political reasons, saying  those responsible  will be made to answer for their actions.

The  RC, who  was  with  the Eastern Regional Police Commander, Eunice  Kihiko, was  reacting to the latest incident of killings  on  Friday in  which five people – two women and three boys lost their lives.

He  urged  the  warring  Gabra and Borana communities to cease their hostilities, saying continuing with the retaliatory killings left both communities injured.

Nakoru  added that the government would continue with the hunt for illegally held firearms, saying that no one was allowed to have firearms against the law.

He  urged leaders from both communities to commit to working with the government, adding that trading accusations about  who was responsible or not was not helping anyone.

By  Steve  Gatheru

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