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Fifteen springs constructed to serve Migori residents  

A total of 15 water springs have been constructed by a Migori Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) to provide clean water for residents.

Ripple Effect Organisation Project Facilitator Mrs. Judith Otieno said that the 15 springs were established to assist the local community access clean water and improve farming activities.

Otieno, who is also in charge of environmental activities and a farm systems trainer, said that the NGO was operating in five Counties across the country to support farmers through water projects, agriculture and environmental conservation.

She said that by protecting springs the wetlands areas will be protected for the continuity of water conservation.

Otieno noted that the springs have provided hope for clean and fresh water both for use by humans and animals in the implemented communities.

She added that the same water was now being used downstream for irrigation purposes especially during dry seasons to improve the livelihoods of the local residents.

Otieno noted that residents of Kanyamkago and Kakrao wards in Suna East Sub County have benefited from water irrigation by setting up vegetable, fruits and banana gardens as an income generating enterprise.

She also pointed out that the springs have helped to curb water-borne diseases like Cholera that was previously rampant during dry seasons.

Together with the community, the NGO has formed Water Use Committees to ensure that hygiene, security and environmental conservation around the water points are maintained.

Otieno said that the organisation has also embarked on water and conservation training programmes among the locals to ensure that the projects are sustainable.

“We want the community to have the mentality of ownership to ensure that the springs serve the future generation through sustainable farming activities and clean water,” noted Otieno.

Apart from spring protection and environmental conservation, the NGO has been providing water harvesting technologies like gutters and tanks to harvest rainwater, and water pans to tap rainwater runoffs.

The NGO has been giving out gutters and tanks to two identified farmers in two wards in Suna East Sub County to ensure that rainwater is conserved for irrigation and home consumption.

So far 200 farmers in Kakrao and Kanyamkago Wards have benefited from the ongoing projects that are meant to improve the living standards of the local communities.

By Geoffrey Makokha

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