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Fisherman goes missing in Bondo following crocodile attack

A search has been launched for the body of a 32-year-old fisherman who went missing at Oele beach in Usigu division Bondo sub-county on Thursday night.

The  victim, Kennedy Ouma Ngado, is said to have gone on a routine fishing expedition on Thursday night but failed to return and his fate is still a mystery. The residents suspect he might have been attacked by a crocodile

According to one of the area residents, Grace Moraa, they only found the fisherman’s clothes and his fishing net on the lakeshore near a point where some rogue crocodile has been seen roaming for the last three days.

The Chairman of Oele Beach Management Unit, William Opondo told KNA that the fisherman is likely to have been attacked by a crocodile and mauled to death because the same reptile was earlier spotted at the scene Thursday evening.

He revealed that Ouma’s motorbike was found in a nearby home where he has usually left it before venturing into the lake on normal fishing expeditions, adding that they have already launched a search for the body.

Opondo, who confirmed the ill-fated incident stated, they suspect that the fisherman, who was alone, must have gone to the lakeshore oblivious of the fact that a crocodile had been seen in that area.

By  Brian Ondeng’

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