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Fishermen threaten to demonstrate against County Executive Member

The  Homa Bay County Beach Management Unit (BMU) wants Governor  Awiti  to sack the County Executive Member in charge of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries due to incompetency.

The BMU which brings together more than 80, 000 fishermen along Lake Victoria has threatened to hold a demonstration in Homa Bay Town, if the Governor fails to dismiss the top county official Anguko Juma.

Speaking during the Annual Convention held in Homa Bay on Thursday, the County BMU Network Chairperson Edward Oremo alleged that the ministry headed by Juma has failed to deliver to the fishermen.

Oremo  claimed that since the introduction of the devolved government, the sub counties have only received Sh.4, 500 each to improve on the fishing sector, despite the huge allocation of funds in the current and previous years to improve on the regional fishing sector.

Saying that they only rely on donor funded projects, Oremo said they came to such a tough resolution with the BMU chairpersons, after severally presenting their grievances to the county executive who has given them a deaf ear.

Speaking at the same event, the Regional BMU chairperson, Tom Ogudo reiterated Oremo’s remarks arguing that Juma has been issuing orders contrary to the Union and the Fishing guidelines in Lake Victoria.

The  convention  was  attended by the County Commissioner (CC), Harman Shambi, the County Deputy Police Commander, Samwel Obara and the Director of Red Cross Homa Bay among others.

On  his part, Shambi  called on the fishermen to maintain peace so as to attract investors who might be interested in Homa Bay County.

Shambi further warned them to be on high alert while in the lake and collaborate with the police to maintain security around the lake.

By  Godwine  Ochieng/Dan Oduor

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