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Flood victims appeal for help

Flood victims in Bunyala Sub County are appealing for humanitarian help from the government and other well-wishers.

Their chairman Godfrey Wanjala said the victims have stayed in the camps for the last five months after River Nzioa broke its banks and flood waters submerged their homes.

Speaking to the press in Bunyala on Sunday, Wanjala said that at least 8,500 people are still living in 27 camps within the Sub County.

“We are urging well-wishers to come to our aid because the August rains are even affecting more families,” he said, adding that some of the victims who had left the camps are coming back.

He urged the government to closely monitor to the victims welfare lamenting that sections of the dykes that were broken by floodwaters have not been repaired.

“We are requesting the government to repair those areas and assist some of the victims in reconstructing houses that were completely damaged by floods,” he said.

Bunyala Assistant County Commissioner Frankline Mbori urged well-wishers to assist the victims with building materials and financial support so that they can resettle in their homes.

“A number of the local residents were affected by floods and are still finding difficulty to resettle,” he said adding that 1,500 households translating to 8,500 people were still in the camps.

Mbori pointed out that infrastructure within the schools used as camps have deteriorated adding that it might be a big challenge to the Sub County if learning resumes soon.

He thanked the United Nations for supporting the victims with non-food items adding that the major challenge now is how to resettle them.

The United Nations Department of Immigration supported the victims following a request from Busia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri.

Meanwhile Syno hydro contracting company has embarked on reconstruction of the broken areas on both the northern and southern dykes of River Nzoia.

The Company was contracted by the government to implement the Lower Nzoia Irrigation Project whose aim is to control floods alongside supporting irrigation activities.

By Salome Alwanda

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