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Forest dwellers get relief food

More  than 1000 people who migrated and settled in forests in Samburu County due to drought have received relief food  worth  Sh.500,000 from Kerio  Valley  Development  Authority (KVDA)

The  relief  food is aimed at cushioning them from the current hunger that is being experienced in parts of Samburu County  and enable them conserve forests.

The  KVDA Director, Ms. Pauline Lenguris said residents from Samburu East moved into Kirisia forest with an aim of looking for food and pasture but not to destroy it.

“We have targeted to support the most affected area which is Samburu east since they are the ones that have invaded the forest in search of food and pasture and might destroy the forest unknowingly.” She said.

The  Samburu Deputy Governor, Julius  Leseeto  lauded KVDA for its support, saying that though the county government is  experiencing some e-procurement challenges, it was doing all it could to ensure hunger stricken people in the county have  accessed food.

“As county government we are also purchasing relief food for our people though we have some challenges with e-procurement. We are doing all it takes to make sure that we address this issue before it gets out of hand,” he said.

Though little rainfall has been experienced in some parts of the county, the deputy governor said there is food insecurity  in lowlands parts of the county.

He  urged national government to support the county by giving relief food for the hunger affected people.

The  county government has also been asked to cross- breed animals especially goats for better breeds.

KVDA also plans to establish some tree nurseries across the country to improve forest conservation.

“Through KVDA, we are going to try and make sure that we get some tree nurseries here so that we can give them the  seedlings and they can continue planting and preserving the environment as the people rely on environment, preservation of forests is very important because that is where they will get the grass,” the director said.

By  Robert  Githu

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