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Gatundu residents protest over dam jobs

Gatundu  North Sub-County residents  who neighbor Kariminu II Dam took to the streets protesting over being left out by the dam constructor in casual jobs.

The  residents of Gituamba, mostly of  whom are drivers, said despite attending countless interviews at the company, they are yet to be hired.

They  marched to the International Holding Corporation (AVIC) to air their grievances, saying despite the assurances by  Water Cabinet  Secretary (CS), Simon Chelugui, they have been ignored.

Led by Karanja Wabuto, the residents, said they did interviews only to learn later that the jobs were given out to non-residents.

“We did interviews of ferrying some residue from the site for a whole day and later told they will be called later. After a few days, we learnt that some non-locals had been given the job,” he said.

John Kariuki, said they even had to look for driving licenses, and other certificates for the interview, only to be ignored latter.

They  called on the government to honor its promise of ensuring locals get 70 per cent of job slots.

During  a  site  visit recently,  Chelugui  urged the contractor to employ locals to do casual work.

The  Sh.4billion dam is funded by the government and China Exim Bank and is being implemented through a joint venture between International Holding Corporation (AVIC) and Municipal Engineering Design Institute.

It stands on a 600-acre plot, upon completion, it will produce 70 million cubic meters of water per day.

Eighty  percent of the  water will be supplied to Thika, Juja, and Ruiru, while the remaining will be channeled to Nairobi County.

By  Muoki  Charles

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