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Government disburses over Sh. 550-million to Inua Jamii beneficiaries in Kilifi County

The  National government has disbursed Sh.591- million cash transfer to 30,707 beneficiaries of the Inua Jamii programme in Kilifi County.

They include cash transfer of Sh. 414,052,000 for 21,380 Older Persons aged above 70 years, Sh. 6,648, 000 for 345 Persons with Severe Disabilities (PWSD) and Sh.170, 304, 000 for some 8, 982 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

The  County Coordinator for Social Protection, Ms. Dorah Chovu said the funds under distribution is for four months’ stipend of Sh.2000 a month making a total of sh. 8000 for every beneficiary.

She said the programme has improved household livelihoods due to initiation of income generating projects adding that they have been able to address their basic needs of food, health and shelter.

Ms. Chovu  said Magarini Sub County has the majority of beneficiaries of 2271 who are earning a cash transfer of Sh. 44, 448,000 followed by Ganze Sub County with 1,786 beneficiaries earning Sh. 32,396,000 and Kilifi North Sub County with 1368 beneficiaries earning Sh.26,448, 000.

Others are  Kaloleni Sub County with 1299 beneficiaries who are earning Sh. 23,160,000, Kilifi South Sub County with 815 beneficiaries earning Sh.16,036, 000, Rabai Sub County with 788 beneficiaries earning sh.14,956, 000 and Malindi Sub County with 655 beneficiaries who are earning Sh.12, 860,000 respectively.

The  official said in her office that through the programme, life span for the elderly has been elongated as they also participate in development activities after becoming self-reliant.

Chovu  said the same has enhanced self-esteem of the beneficiaries as some children are getting improved enrolment in school, retained and transit in the schools.

She  said a few beneficiaries are yet to receive payments as they have not succeeded in opening bank accounts while others lost or damaged their cards.

By  Harrison Yeri

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